What Really Matters For Hospital Cleaning In Sydney?

What really matters for hospital cleaning in Sydney

Your Hospital Cleaning Needs Extra Attention Now More Than Ever!

Cleaning has become more crucial than ever now. Especially with the pandemic rewriting the entire definition of safety, hygiene, and cleaning, you need to level up your medical cleaning as well. Patients who walk through your doors are already vulnerable, and they’re easily prone to catching Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI), which can be even fatal. You thus need to understand the standards of cleaning that you need to ideally set in your space before you dig into the procedure.

When it comes to what really matters when you perform a cleaning procedure at your hospital, the foremost thing would be the sanitization of high-touch points. These points are the source of contamination, and they can be highly dangerous in spreading infections to all those who come even remotely in touch with these areas.

Things To Remember While Going About Your Hospital Cleaning Services

Firstly, always ensure that you have a standardized plan of action and a detailed action checklist in hand before you dive into the procedure. This will eliminate a lot of inconsistencies, prevent redundancies and make way for impeccably clean surfaces everywhere inside out.

Find below some of the pointers that you can’t miss while performing a cleaning procedure at your hospitals or medical centers.

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Sanitize Your Hospital Multiple Times A Day

Hospitals are highly prone to a mass outbreak of infection and other potential threats. Every single patient that walks through your door is a carrier, and you need to approach every single one of them with an isolation approach right from the doorways.

There are going to be touch-prone points like your furniture, staircase railings, elevator buttons, flush handles, doorknobs, light switches, tap heads, dispenser buttons, etc. These points are going to be touched by multiple people in just a matter of time, and they can be infected with germ colonies. It is necessary that you fix a sanitization timeline within a day, depending on the overall foot traffic.

Ensure proper end-to-end coverage so as to not miss even a single spot.

What really important in hospital cleaning

Pay More Attention To The Common Toilets

Toilet seats are going to be highly contaminated, and you need to disinfect them at least twice every day. You need to cover everything from the washbasins, floors, doors, and even the walls to ensure comprehensive coverage. When it comes to hospital cleaning in Sydney, you should keep your space as fresh as possible, free from the usual odors that you can find in a hospital setting.

Do not postpone your cleaning and wait for clogged toilets or stinky bathrooms to give you that push to clean them. This space can be a potential threat, and you’ll have to approach them in the right direction from time to time.

Examination Rooms, Waiting Areas, And Sensitive Cleaning Procedures

These are where your patient interaction with nurses, staff, and doctors happens. You should make the space safe for both parties involved and prevent any possibilities of cross-contamination. The air quality of these areas should be at decent levels at all times. This will eliminate any air-borne particles from infecting the other patients.

Relying on an in-house janitor to perform routines of this magnitude and intensity might not be viable. They need to have the right subject-matter knowledge to tackle requirements of this scale where the entire hygiene of the space is at stake. Hiring commercial cleaning services might be a better idea, and you can simply outsource even one or two niche requirements to them.

Always dispose of surgical items and the bins of the respective areas after every single procedure. This would retain the air quality of the space at good levels.

Stay Away From A One-Size-Fits-All Approach

It is not so uncommon that some cleaners go about the routine of the entire business with a single piece of equipment and a sole solution. This is drastically useless since every single area demands different levels and kinds of cleaning for maximum protection.

When you go for a professional cleaning company like JBN Cleaning, we’ll bring all the kinds of supplies you’d ever need for all the different areas there are. For example, the floor cleaners that we use for your hallways and doorways are not going to be the same as the ones that we use for your outer spaces or your bathrooms. The integrity of the surface finish will be spoilt if you use the wrong supplies on top of them.

What matters in hospital cleaning?

Hire A Professional When Necessary

When your cleaning scale exceeds manageable limits, do not proceed with hiring other resources and thereby increase your operational expenditure. Instead, assess your overall spending, look for a reliable cleaning company that you can hire, and hand your requirements over to them.

This holds true for even sensitive requirements. For example, let’s take covid deep cleaning. There are a lot of regulatory protocols and safety guidelines that are essential for you to follow while performing the procedure. Expecting this from a regular janitor is only going to go haywire, and the end quality of the cleaning might be questionable.

Do not hesitate to take a call with a professional and ask for a quote to have a better understanding of the market rates.

At JBN Cleaning, we are now offering a free quote after a thorough on-site inspection of your hospital. Call us now and take your medical cleaning services to subsequent higher levels.

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