What should your daily cleaning include?

What should your daily cleaning include,

Be it any commercial space that you own or work in, the cleaner space, the better will be the overall productivity ratio of the entire environment. It goes without saying that nobody will give a second look at the services or products you offer if you give them a clumsy and messy first impression. This right here is why everything starts with how well you do your daily cleaning.

In expertise might cost you a huge sum in the longer run. Because if you keep missing any crucial equipment, items, or even a corner on an everyday basis, the dirt particles might accumulate over a period of time and might become irreversibly damaged.

For example, let’s say you do not include the tuft fibers of your rug in your cleaning services. They might become so dirty and might impact the overall texture of your carpet. In such cases, you’d have no option left other than replacing it completely which might cost a huge amount.

First things first…

1. Device a strategy

This blog might help you with an overall picture of how your daily cleaning routine should be and the crucial areas to cover. However, no possible blog on the internet can give you the exact information on what works and what doesn’t. This right here is where a professional cleaning company might prove to be useful and a lot more efficient than your in-house janitors.

Your daily cleaning checklist can take pointers from what you see around. But make it a point to take the time to list every single item to be covered in your cleaning routine according, no matter how small they might seem. Make hard copies of it that your cleaners can use and check off every day. This practice can take you a long way than it seems.

2. Constant quality checks

Take a look around your premises to find any stained spot that you might have missed noticing. All these random checks might help you leave no spot unattended. A professional daily cleaning company would do all of these groundworks along with frequent supervision to find areas of improvement all by themselves.

3. Right equipment, expertise, and supplies

Cleaning can be a costly affair depending on the nature of your premises. Gone are those days when a broom, mop, and vacuum were deemed enough to do a good job. There are highly enhanced cleaning technology in the market that are being updated every other day, They are majorly helpful in sanitization, disinfection, commercial deep cleaning, or niche cleaning routines.

A company like JBN Cleaning with an extensive portfolio will follow internationally recognized protocols to maintain a standard in all that they do. We are also completely eco-friendly and we only utilize organic supplies that are in no way harmful to human health.

daily cleaning includes,

Your ideal daily cleaning checklist

Though this might vary from place to place and from industry to industry, an overall picture of what needs to be done on a day-to-day basis can make your process simpler ad a lot more effective.

1. Entrance, front office, and reception areas

This area decides if your guests are going to be impressed at first sight or not. So it is always a best practice to clean these areas to their absolute best at all times. Here’s an overall checklist that you can follow for these areas in your daily cleaning services.

      • Sweep and vacuum hard floor surfaces

      • Mop all the floor surfaces with a disinfectant for added protection

      •  Empty garbage bins, replace the liners and take the trash out

      •  Dust your furniture, office equipment, electronic gadgets, and computers with a microfiber cloth · You can sanitize the level surfaces with a cloth soaked in anti-bacterial solutions

      •  Dust the light fixtures to prevent accumulation over a period of time

      •  Disinfect some of the high touch points cleaning including the switchboards, door handles, electronic gadgets, and elevator buttons

      •  If there are glass windows, clean their frames and the glass surface by dusting them every day, This goes applicable to the blinds as well.

    2. Restrooms

    This is one of the areas that are prone to spreading a lot of germs and can be the birthplace of infection if you do not take proper care of it on an everyday basis.

        • Pick up any trash that is lying around the floor

        •  Mop the tiles and flooring

        •  Wipe the urinals, toilet bowls, washbasins, etc

        •  Mop the tiles and flooring with an effective floor cleaner first. Use a disinfectant solution and wipe the space again for twice the protection.

        •  Clear trash cans.
        • Sanitize the high touch points including the doorknobs, flush handles, hand showers, soap dispensers, etc

        •  Clean the mirror surfaces, windows, and glass.

        •  Refilling the utilities like napkins, tissues, and soap solutions as necessary is also a crucial part of your daily cleaning services.

      3. Kitchen if any

      It is found that kitchens inside a commercial office are prone to carry more germs even than that what is present in the toilet bowls. This is because food particles have a higher affinity toward germs ad can be easily contaminated. Here’s a list that we at JBN Cleaning follow

          • Clear the sink first and take out the trash

          • Wipe down sinks, tables, chairs, and counters with a microfiber cloth dipped in disinfectant solutions

          •  Clean electronic gadgets including ovens and coffee makers

          •  Sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping the kitchen floors while also polishing the hard floor surfaces

          •  Vacuum carpets and mats

          • Scrub tile surfaces where there are visible stains and the same goes for the sinks

        4. Equipment in the cases of industry, gyms, or medical care centers

        This is where it becomes more crucial than it already is. Industrial equipment, the machines used in the gym, or the technology used in medical care centers require proper care and maintenance if you want them to have an improved product lifetime. This is where a daily cleaning company can come in handy since they would have much more extensive subject matter knowledge in the given arena. Your daily cleaning checklist might vary depending on the equipment in question but the general process of things would be to start with wiping them with a microfiber cloth followed by scrubbing and disinfecting.

        Great, now you are all set to take care of your premises on an everyday basis! Want to hire professional cleaning services like JBN Cleaning? Call us at 0291885449 to avail of a free quote for your requirement today!

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