What Should Your Strata Cleaning Checklist Involve?

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What Is Involved In The Strata Cleaning Checklist?

Strata cleaning is predominantly an Australian concept that originated here. It is a service through which commercial building managers or co-owners of a building with two or more businesses running alongside each other combine together and hire a company to take care of the strata cleaning checklist shared spaces outside their own premises inside the same compound.

For example, a tech park or an industrial space with multiple simultaneously functioning businesses or even a mall with various retail shopping outlets can come together and hire professionals to clean the common spaces like gyms, elevators, fountain parks, parking lots, etc.

While it may sound simple on paper, strata cleaning services are extremely tricky and remain the most time-consuming extensive process since there are too many grounds to cover.

Here’s A Checklist That Strata Managers Can Follow For Any Building It Is That They Set Out To Clean:

Before The Start Of The Project

    • Assessment of the entire area to understand the area coverage, level of cleaning required at different places, and assorted priority list of whatever needs cleaning.

    • Number of cleaners, the type of supplies, and the equipment that might be needed for the job

    • Understanding if there’s a need for strata cleaning or just janitors that you pay on-the-go

    • A rough idea of the timelines to meet before they start looking for contractors

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    Contractor Management

    Looking for a commercial cleaning company or a contractor for your strata cleaning services might be one of the hardest things that you’ll ever have to do. But by following a little bit of process and having a keen eye, you might as well find the one for you.

    Always do the following:

      • Look for the portfolio

      • Understand their experience

      • Ask for a quotation

      • Take note of their niche cleaning knowledge, the equipment they use, the standards they adhere to, and the supplies they use

      • Limitations of the contract, liabilities, and the insurance schemes they have in place.

      All of these will help you compare the options in front of you and arrive at your perfect fit.

      During The Job

        • Ensure that the cleaners who come to your space carry a comprehensive checklist of everything that needs coverage

        • Double-check the supplies that they bring your way and their chemical content

        • Take note of their in-times and out-times if you are being charged on an hourly basis

        • After the clean services are done, ensure that you recheck all the places to see if there are any missed spots

        Safety Measures

          • Always hire a company that is backed with insurance schemes and worker’s compensation plans

          • If you are doing niche services like window cleaning or carpet cleaning, ensure that you hire the right expertise so that you don’t damage what’s already there

          • Ensure that the cleaners you have onboard only stick to the usages of organically sourced hand-picked supplies. This will reduce the risk of allergies and the pungent vibe that is left after cleaning.

          strata cleaning checklist involve,

          Strata Cleaning Checklist By JBN Cleaning Experts Generally Follows

            • Surface-level cleaning of all the hard surfaces in the common areas includes sweeping, dusting, and vacuuming routines. This is performed in the entrances, hallways, gardens, parks, pool structures, and other common structures

            • Decluttering in places that demand it

            • Buffing of hard floors with appropriate supplies to remove persistent stains

            • Removal of trash, picking up of litter, disposing of garbage, and replacing liners

            • Removal of grease or oil from the parking lots and other areas

            • Window cleaning and carpet cleaning coverage

            • Common kitchen disinfection, outdoor area sanitization

            • Restoring gardens and picking up weeds

            • Common restrooms cleaning

            • Sanitization of high touch points like staircase rails, elevator buttons, door handles, flush handles, etc

            • Reorganization of different elements to their appropriate places

            Why Go For A Professional Strata Cleaning Company?

            1. Economic Pricing And Custom Quotations

            Strata cleaners are generally costly since they involve multiple niche efforts altogether. With a professional, you can better understand their way of working and what they can do a lot better before investing in them.

            A company like JBN Cleaning would give you a free on-site inspection and thoroughly understand what your premises need in advance. They then provide you with a custom quotation that is very much more competitive than the market rates.

            2. They Know What To Do And They Do It Best

            Professionals are backed by impeccable branding and years of experience. For example, we have been in the industry for over a decade and have cleaned a lot of strata in and around Sydney. 85% of our business depends on repeat clients and we strive for 100% customer satisfaction in everything we do time and again.

            3. Supplies, Equipment, And Experience All-Inclusive

            Did you know that cleaning supplies and equipment are a costly affair? They involve huge capital investment. With a janitor, you might have to bear the cost involved in hiring this equipment and supplies from external sources. But with a company in place, they come as a package and deliver everything that your strata cleaning requires.

            And also, they are very careful about the impact they cause on the environment. A lot of companies are now switching to green cleaning and adhering to standard regulatory protocols from authoritative bodies like CDC and OSHA to ensure comprehensive protection.

            If you are looking for strata cleaner in Sydney, JBN Cleaning might be the best choice you’ll ever find around. Get in touch with us to avail yourself of a free quote for your requirements today!

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