Why is cleaning important in healthcare?

why is cleaning important in healthcare?

Medical center cleaning – something you can’t take lightly.

If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s to never underplay cleaning. We no longer clean for just the surface level impression but rather to decontaminate the space completely. We do it to ensure that the premises remain safe for the next person who walks in. Commercial cleaning has become one of the most demanded services in recent times.

Now, coming to hospitals and other medical facilities, things were already a little stringent in the cleaning sector. Disinfection and other procedures were in practice from long ago but with the pandemic taking its place, they are now being done with added caution like never before.

 Reasons why medical cleaning is now under close scrutiny and are more important than ever.

1. Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI)

Hospital Acquired Infections are already pretty common. With the virus now being extremely communicable, it is important that they are terminated without a trace or we might end up escalating the situation even more.

There are too many grounds to cover in a hospital setting. Everything from your examination room furniture to the railings of your bed should be properly cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected. And not just that, the procedure should be done every now and then to make sure your premises are safe around the clock without any disparities.

2. Patients. Patients. Patients.

Healthcare facilities predominantly cater to the well-being of the masses. And hence, they should ensure that they don’t go in the opposite direction. Now, this can happen only with an eye for detail and a proper knowledge of the ideal time interval between different cleaning shifts. If you don’t do your daily cleaning at appropriate time intervals, you might end up becoming a breeding ground for germs and contagious infections.

The sole vision that any healthcare facility strives for is the well-being of all its patients. A poor cleaning procedure can cost you a great deal and might even tarnish the reputation that took you years to build just like that.

3. Vulnerability of the requirement

Germ clusters are definitely going to be there all-around your premises. You are going to have a lot of walk-in patients that come with a wide range of diseases and infections. There are going to be multiple touch-prone surfaces that can result in the mass spreading of any disease from one person to the other.

If there’s any disease in the picture that is rapidly communicable like Covid-19, then your cleaning game should level up even more. It is always advisable to go with cleaning services done by professionals since they have a better chance at spotting any surfaces that even you miss out on.

How to choose the right commercial cleaning company for your cleaning requirements?

1. Portfolio

Surf around the internet or ask around to compile a list of options first. Don’t just choose a cleaner if they offer you a dollar or two discounts. Find ways to measure the quality of your options. You can ideally do this by analyzing their work portfolio. This will give you an overall picture of their work experience, their mission, vision, or values, the clientele they have worked with in the past, their retention rates, and their niche cleaning experience.

Navigating through this to fixate on a cleaner that works well with your requirements is what you need to focus more on. It’s an added plus if you find a company with a history of working with note-worthy medical facilities in the past.

2. Procedures followed

Any professional that offers medical cleaning services should ideally adhere to internationally authorized cleaning guidelines from standard bodies like OSHA, CDC, etc. Even the cleaning supplies utilized have their own standardization in place that you should be aware of before stocking up your inventory. This will improve the overall quality of the output that you’re going to be presented with.

A lot of cleaning companies are now going with green procedures that are organic and eco-friendly to minimize their impact on the environment. They are also friendly to human health and prevent you or your employee from facing any allergies, rashes, irritation, or even asthmatic triggers. At JBN Cleaning, we hand-pick our own organic supplies that are EPA-approved and also carry a DfE label with them for that added quality assurance.

3. Insurance policies

Hospital cleaning services are always prone to damage and mishaps. You can’t really do anything about it to prevent their occurrence. But you can always take a valuable call on letting the professionals do it for you. If the cleaning company that you have in mind is accountable enough, they’d definitely provide you with comprehensive third-party insurance for any liability cases and also will have workers’ compensation schemes in place.

Even in the unfortunate event of any damages, they’d spring into action and bear the repair or replacement almost immediately.

4. Costing and packages

This should be the least of your concerns. We understand that you might have only a limited budget allocation for your medical center cleaning. But the returns are what you should be focussing more on.

There are a lot of players in the market who are now offering custom packages where you have to only pay for your requirements in place. At JBN Cleaning, we have taken this a notch above and are now also offering a free quote after a thorough on-site inspection at your convenient appointment time.

Talk to us today to hear the plan of action that we have for you!

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JBN Cleaning has been catering to all walks of cleaning for over a decade now. They employ this comprehensive experience to offer all their clients the best quality deliverables that exceed expectations. Be it your office cleaning, warehouse cleaning, industries, factories, educational institutions, or hospital cleaning. We’ll take care of all of it for you.

With advanced equipment, they’ll offer niche cleaning of any intensity without much back and forth. They do this all within the promised timeframes that you mutually fixate on during our first set of sales discussions. Our quotations are all customized to suit your exact requirements, so you only pay for what you opt for with us.

Even if you have any restoration works like garden maintenance or swimming pool re-dos, we’ll do it as per your requirement. All our cleaners carry a comprehensive experience that covers almost all the sectors there are. We can thus offer you even specific deep cleaning and disinfection services that can help you decontaminate your space and give it a fresh makeover.

We are recognized as the best commercial cleaning company in Sydney for the unmatchable work that we offer our clientele. We have worked with some of the best-known brands in Australia, and our client retention rate has stood at an unmatchable 85% for over ten years now. 100% satisfaction of clients is what we aspire to achieve time and again.

As a part of your package, we will:

  • Cover the corner to corner of your premises and do all the basic cleaning, sweeping, and mopping procedures
  • Send the right amount of resources that would be enough to cover the entire procedure as quickly as possible
  • Offer after-hours cleaning services or recurring cleaning packages like daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly routines
  • Provide you comprehensive workers’ compensation schemes and insurance benefits to take care of any repairs or repercussions
  • Complete green cleaning procedures that are safe for the environment and your premises
  • Get access to supplies that are globally approved on their effectiveness against particular cleaning goals
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We have a history of 10+ years that has been backing us up so far with a seamless reputation for our spotless cleaning services. Be it the commercial segment or residential requirements, people have been choosing us for the dedication that we ever so offer.

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