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Best Window Cleaning Tools And Supplies

Window cleaning tools

Window Cleaning Tools, Supplies And Equipment!

Cleaning itself is getting harder by the day. Windows are just one of the toughest affairs among everything else. It’s all about getting your hands on the right window cleaning tools that can up your game even more.

Do you know the best thing to wash windows? Here, mix equal parts water and vinegar in a bucket and dip with microfiber cloth.

Hire a commercial window cleaning professional to help is always a better idea and if you find that the work in front of you is a little outside your comfort zone.

Some Examples Of Window Cleaning Tools And Supplies

  • Bosch GlassVAC Cordless Window Vac Solo Plus – Overall window cleaner
  • MR.SIGA Window Cleaning Combo – Streak-free window cleaner
  • Ajax Spray n’ Wipe Triple Action – Window cleaning spray
  • Method Glass+Surface Cleaner – Eco-friendly window cleaner
  • Gladwell Gecko Robot – Robotic window cleaner
  • Tyroler Bright Tools D-4 – Magnetic Window Cleaner

Best Window Cleaning Tools And Essential Gadgets

Before you list down of items that you’re going to stock your inventory with, write down their names and see if they are effective for green cleaning as well. Having the following window cleaning tools can make the task much easier.

1. Squeegee

A squeegee is a flat rubber-ended tool that will help in the even distribution of water, solutions, or disinfectants evenly from corner to corner. There is also a special grade called micro-fiber squeegee. If you have seen an amateur in play, you’d have seen them use towels, damp wipes, or clothes for the process but they are way less effective than having a squeegee in the picture. A high-quality squeegee helps in streak-free window cleaning. Look for one with a rubber blade that provides a smooth glide across the entire glass surface.

2. Paper Towels

Paper towels can help in removing moisture from glass surface in perfect way. If you use the buffing method rather than scrubbing for the molds of stains, you’d end up with a streak-free window that is safe from absolutely no scratches. For this purpose, paper towels would serve you very well. This is the reason why it is mostly preferred commercial cleaning services.

In addition, they can also help in the streak removal process if in case you find it on your windows post-cleaning. You can simply damp wipe the paper towel on the respective area to remove them as much as possible. You can also choose to simply let go of all these complications and hire someone as diligent as JBN Cleaning to take care of it for you.

You’re one conversation away from a complete makeover!

3. Ammonia-Free Solutions

This has nothing to do with the tools but rather it remains one other major component when it comes to cleaning supplies. Ammonia is capable of leaving around a lot of pungent-smelling toxic residues as an aftermath of cleaning. In addition, they can result in the streaking process spoiling the texture of your freshly cleaned windows.

It is thus always a good choice to read the labels of the products you have before you use them on specific surfaces. You can also simply go with a lot of DIY solutions that you can make yourself.

4. Distilled Water

Even RO waters have a lot of micro-substances present in them. Distilled water has a very little amount of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and can thus help you avoid any other sub reactions that might happen with your cleaning solutions. This will give you a better chance at stain removal. In fact, these little alterations are what will separate you from a professional that offers commercial cleaning services.

5. Vinegar-Based Supplies

Mixing one part of vinegar with ten parts of lukewarm distilled water is a way better substitute for all the knock-off products that are available in the market. You can also use this along with your daily cleaning services for removing the surface dust particles from the windows on a day-to-day basis to prevent their mass accumulation over a period of time.

In addition, vinegar also acts as a natural streak preventing agent and gives your windows a fresh outlook post the cleaning routine.

window cleaning equipment

6. Damp Wipes

Damp wipes are something that commercial window cleaning companies utilize to the maximum. In the cases of any stain removal prospects in front of them, scrubbing the stains or rubbing them with sharp-ended objects is the last thing that they go for. They rather wipe the stain in an orderly fashion either with paper towels dipped inappropriate solutions or by going with damp wipes themselves. In addition to the glass surfaces, these can also help in the dusting and clean wiping off the window hangers and frames comprehensively

7. Window Vacuum

A window vacuum is extremely small in size to make it fit comfortable for vertical usages. This comes into usage in the last stages of your window cleaning routine. Post the spraying, dusting, wiping, and removal of surface dirt particles from your windows, you’ll use the vacuum to remove the residual dirty water that is left post the cleaning routine. They are very effective in giving you a crisp finish that has no handprint marks or streaks.

8. Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloth is one of the best window cleaning supplies, no other tool can replace it. This is because the cloth comes with a lot of intricate fabrics that are extremely capable of removing even the smallest of grimes or dirt even from all the corners.

Microfiber cloths are excellent for wiping and drying windows without leaving lint or streaks. They are highly absorbent and can be reused multiple times.

9. Spray Bottle

Spray bottles are much useful for the window cleaning. Fill a spray bottle with your homemade or commercial window cleaning solution for easy application onto the window surface.

10. Window Cleaning Gloves

Gloves are very important while doing any type of cleaning. It will protect your hands from cleaning chemicals and maintain a firm grip on your tools by wearing rubber or latex gloves.


All these little window cleaning tools summed up together will help you take your overall quality of work done to maximum levels. Remember to clean windows on a cloudy day or when the sun is not directly hitting them to avoid streaking caused by quick drying. Additionally, always read and follow the instructions provided with your window cleaning supplies and solutions for the best results.

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