Worst enemies of your carpet

Worst enemies of your carpet

Your carpet is one of the major essentials that contribute a lot to the look and feel of your premises. At the same time, it has quite a few crucial elements of care that should be properly taken care of. Because it costs a huge deal for repair, damage, and restoration if your carpet cleaning goes wrong.

Find a list of enemies that you should take careful note of before going for commercial carpet cleaning services. Preventing the accumulation of these particles over a period of time will help you retain the life of your carpet for a longer period of time.

1. Water and moisture

There’s nothing worse to our carpet than prolonged exposure to water or moisture. This might invite germs your way and the baseboards can hold these waters for longer periods since the depth of the carpet fibers prevents sunlight from entering. There might also be mold formation and growth of mildew that can go all the way into the fiber layers.

You can prevent this by taking a little more precautions when it comes to your carpets. You might probably have decorative flower pots in your reception areas. Making sure that they do not drip water upon your rugs is where you can start off.

Also make a note that once you’re done with your cleaning services, you give your baseboards time to dry up all the moisture. Over time if left, the moisture will degrade the fiber structure with mildew. The rug fibers will become dry rot then and will no longer retain their texture on the outside.

2. Spillages

Spillages are common and happen at the most unexpected of times. You might not be able to prevent them exactly. But you can take control of what you do after. It is natural that unexpected spillages happen to your carpet. And it is our instinct that we immediately try to rub it away. But this will only make these stains travel all the way through the interior of the knitted fibers.

You can instead try blotting the stained surface with a cleaning solution by using a cloth or sponge. Pay close attention to the direction of blotting too. It is advisable that you blot inwards so that you don’t let the stains spread any further. A paper cloth might best serve this purpose. You can also opt for a detergent as long as it doesn’t damage the color and texture of your carpet. A temperature club soda can be used in replacement to water to blot these stains.

3. Insects

Now this one is hard. Insects can be one of your worst nightmares when it comes to our carpet. They can potentially damage your rugs if you leave them unattended over a period of time. Vacuuming your carpet at least once a week can prevent the accumulation of eggs. Vacuum the underside of the carpet at least once a week. Be sure to sweep your baseboards when you do.

Do not let your carpets take the place of wet flooring. Mothballs and similar insect wastes might take that place as their shelter and result in the production of larger eggs and larvae. If the insect accumulation gets out of hand, you might as well go for an insecticide. There are plenty of organic ones that are available in the market. As a carpet cleaning company that has seen the market for far too long, we at JBN Cleaning would recommend you to go with a deep cleaning routine every once in a while to retain the best shape of your carpets.

4. UV Rays

Prolonged exposure to UV rays might affect the quality of our rugs. Especially if you have an antique rug finish, they might get worn out if left open for sunlight all day. The dyes upon them will soften due to the intensity of the light and will therefore reduce the look of it with time. You can either go with the installation of UV protective film upon your windows or position the rug in such a way that it is away from the window installations. You. can also use screens or window blinds which can solve this purpose.

Some commercial carpet cleaning companies offer carpet restoration services with a little bit of cleaning and drying done in the right proportions. You can identify if your rug is sun-damaged by looking at the decoloration that happens to start from either the corners or the center.

5. Cleaning mishaps

This is one of the most common enemies of your carpet. Yes, a lot of people face this. And some mistakes cost a huge deal than others. These mistakes can be anything from basic things like usage of the wrong supplies or following an irregular pattern which can lead to missing out on some sections. This is the sole reason why it is advisable that you go for professional commercial carpet cleaning offered by reputed companies like JBN Cleaning.

They will be insured to take care of any damages that happen while cleaning. Through cutting-edge equipment and practicing the latest procedures approved by standard bodies, they deliver you with the best results. By combining their educated decisions and tactful working protocols, they pre-envision a strategy that will work and execute them perfectly to give you the results you want.

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