Commercial exterior cleaning services in Sydney

Commercial exterior cleaning services in Sydney

Did you know that commercial exterior cleaning might be risky?

Yes, you read that just right. The external look and feel of your commercial building will determine the first impression you garner. It is thus important that you clean your building façade and all the associated structures every now and then to keep it afresh and new. Your curbside is where your corporate imagery starts. Commercial exterior cleaning is risky not just in terms of hiring the right resources or taking care of their safety manoeuvres; you’re also putting your cleaning investment at risk rather where even the faintest of mistakes will damage your surface beyond repair.

What is included under commercial exterior cleaning services in Sydney?

When done by professionals who carry extensive subject knowledge in the matter, you’d able to make your buildings look crisply neat and more professionally inclined.

Scope of work included:

Pressure wash/ Soft wash

Pressure clean-down and soft washing are two methods that are widely carried out to restore the external appearance of commercial premises.

While high-pressure wash cannot be applied to buildings that are old and vulnerable, soft wash with powerful chemical formulations is carried out. Since pressure cleaning involves the application of pressures up to 4000psi, they’ll result in creating cracks or increasing the size of crevices upon application if you’re not careful. Soft wash (where the pressure is only up to 400psi) is just as effective in getting rid of any harmful mould, lichens, algae, mildew or other contaminants on the surface.

While high pressure rinses if efficient in removing loose dirt, grimes, dust or cobwebs, soft and intensive chemical wash down will help in thorough stain extraction.

commercial exterior cleaning, commercial exterior cleaning in Sydney

Total asset freshen up

Be it a retail outlet, a warehouse, a factory or even an office building, commercial exterior cleaning in Sydney will help you restore them to perfect shape. They will enable this through complete grease removal, oil stain cleaning, rust marks wash down, sign board clear-ups, oxidation removal, touch-ups, paint coatings and everything necessary to give your premises a fresh twist.

Pool decks, patio, driveways and common areas

If you’re a real estate owner of huge commercial buildings, it is necessary that you maintain the end-to-end of your premises in a neat fashion in order to attract businesses to rent out your space.

This includes everything from your escalators to the high-rise windows cleaning on the exteriors.

Roof Cleaning

Be it roof integrity restoration, providing solutions for decolouration or tiles restoration, commercial exterior cleaning can take care of all the solutions you need.

High-rise window cleaning

This is crucial to retain the overall appearance of your exterior surfaces. When you hire experienced professionals like JBN Cleaning, we’ll send licensed, professionally trained and well-equipped trainers who can take care of this at ease.

Since the procedure involves a suspension platform upon which the cleaners will have to work while having all the safety harnesses intact, they’re naturally risky in nature. Going with trained experts will increase your chances of getting things into order and averting any physical or property damages.

Paint removal or preparation

When it comes to premises like historical centers, child care centers or educational institutions, you need to ensure that there are no graffiti elements present on your exteriors which could tarnish the integrity and reputation that you hold.

Removing any momentary decoration, or paint jobs before fresh application or redirection is something a thorough commercial exterior cleaning service can offer.

Things to consider before you hire a exterior commercial cleaning service in Sydney

1. Experience of the cleaners

Experience should be one of your prime concerns while hiring a cleaner of choice. Be it freelance janitors or companies that offer commercial exterior cleaning services in Sydney, you should be careful while making your choice. This is because even the faintest of mistakes can be gruesome to clean up and you’d end up paying double your original investment.

Unlike regular surface level sweeping, vacuuming or mopping procedures, the cleaning involved here requires complete knowledge and understanding of the specific surfaces in question.

commercial exterior cleaning services, commercial exterior cleaning services in Sydney

2. Overall expertise and adherence to guidelines or protocols

Sticking to international regulated procedures and protocols will ensure your cleaning procedure is on point. There are bodies like OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Assessment), SWA (Safe Work Australia) and CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) that present standard guidelines for sensitive procedures like exterior pressure washing. Adhering to these will make sure all the workers and your surfaces are taken care of in the safest way possible.

An exterior cover-up is not a one-size-fits-all. You need to thus hire professionals who carry complete knowledge of everything it takes to give your buildings the fresh makeover they need.

3. Licenses and work permits

As per government mandates and safety regulations, you need to hire licensed workers who can be authorised to carry out crucial procedures like roof cleaning or exterior window pressure washing. There are also a lot of cleaners who are hired from other countries by companies for reducing labour costs. As a business owner, you should ensure all of them carry their necessary work permits and have proper documentation along with resourceful training that makes them eligible to provide quality outputs.

Go for companies that carry proper certifications and have years of experience under their hat. This will make them a lot more qualified to offer any solutions you’re looking for.

4. Cleaning investment

Economical side of things is also something that you should be paying cautious attention to. Exterior cleaning can hugely drain your operational costs and it is necessary that you do it at least once a year to restore your building before it hit a point of total damage.

When you hire commercial exterior cleaning services, make sure that you are bound by a scope of work document and a contract prior so as to set all the expectations straight. Make sure that all the supplies and other resources are provided by the company you hire.

Fixate on custom commercial cleaning packages where you pay exactly for what you avail of. This way you’d prevent yourself from overspending on procedures that you’re not even in need of.

5. Doing it the green way

As a business owner, it is important that you make decisions that are sustainable and viable to suit the environmental requirements. Reducing your carbon footprint and ensuring proper waste management should be one of your core principles.

Hire cleaners who offer green cleaning as a part of their packages. Ensure that your cleaners hand-pick organic supplies that adhere to standard regulations. At JBN, all the products that we pick are recognised by bodies like EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) or DfE (Design for the Environment). This is because not every supply that claims to be organic complies with environmental regulations and is circulating in the market as mere knock-offs.

Your pattern of  commercial cleaning, wastewater management and the procedures you follow should all b beneficial to the environment.

6. Insurance benefits

Cleaning damages are impossible to prevent. There is always a chance that something might go wrong. But what you can do as a business owner is ensure that the impact of any such accidents does not affect your operational costs.

Hiring commercial exterior cleaning in Sydney that offers comprehensive insurance coverage as a part of their packages is the most viable choice that you can opt for. Under this, they will offer third-party insurance coverages and workers’ compensation benefits that you most likely need. This way, even in the case of any unintended cleaning incidents, the company in place will themselves take care of all the compensations, repairs and replacements as necessary. They will take these worries off your plate.

At JBN Cleaning, we have been working with diverse industry verticals and have been offering cleaning solutions for a range of requirements. We have been doing this for over ten years and we understand what it takes to give you the exact solutions that you are in need of.

All the cleaners that we have onboard are professionally trained and carry diverse experience portfolios. We also offer our clients a dedicated account manager who ensures a seamless journey by keeping the client in the loop of everything we do.

Contact us now for a free quote for your commercial exterior cleaning requirements!

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As a part of your package, we will:

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