Germiest Places In Office

Germiest places in office

Know The Germiest Places In Office To Keep Them Clean

The pandemic has taken us all by surprise. We are all self-aware and germ-conscious now more than ever. Businesses especially are now bracing themselves up to their fullest potential to maintain flawless hygiene. Office cleaning has thus taken a whole new shape and professional cleaners are now summoned more than ever.

There are a lot of germiest places in your office that require your undivided attention even in the wee hours of the day. This is because of their high-touch prone nature and the increased foot traffic in your premises.

List of Germiest Places In Your Office

Here is a guide from JBN Cleaning with the list of these places and an overview of how to clean them:

1. Restrooms

As you already probably know, this is one of the highly contaminated places in an office environment. The guidelines from OSHA and other health bodies would preferably be to have one restroom for every 6 to 10 people in a workplace with separate facilities for men and women.

The sink areas, the urinals, toilet seats, flush handles, and even toilet soaps can be polluted by multiple times by just a day’s usage. Be it any office cleaning schedule you follow for your organization, ensure that your restrooms are cleaned and sanitized at least twice a day or even more depending on the number of people using them.

2. Breakrooms, Shared Kitchens, or Dining Areas

The purpose of having this premise is to provide a refreshing ambience that people can sit back and relax in the middle of their highly pressuring workflow. Imagine how much of a setback it would be for your employees’ mindset if this environment is unclean. Not pleasant, right? They should be duly disinfected when you perform your office cleaning services for other places. If you have any playboards or other accessories they should also be given proper attention.

Kitchens are the major germ breeding grounds, even more than your restrooms. They can potentially spread infectious diseases and you should thus advise your personnel to clean any utensil handled right after its usage.

Dining areas must be cleaned before and after every food serving if you want to make it look presentable to the next person who walks in.

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3. Elevator Buttons And Door Handles

Your employees, the outsiders, and your potential clients will all be using these high-touch surfaces to access your place. Even the remotest contact from a person with a cold or flu can contaminate the whole place and might increase the number of people who fall sick.

It is advisable to disinfect these surfaces once every three to four hours if the foot traffic is high. At other times, it is a good practice to clean these surfaces at least twice a day.

4. Electronic Gadgets

Your desktops, keyboards, mouse, xerox machines, switchboards, telephones, and Air conditioner remotes are all going to be handled by different people every other minute. Your office cleaning should ideally take into consideration all of these and they should all be sanitized at frequent intervals by wiping with a microfiber cloth.

The edges and the insides of the keyboards and mouses should fall under your daily cleaning services routine.

Germiest places in your office

5. Refreshment Dispensers, Vending Machines, And Water Coolers

People are prone to touch the water cooler several times a day. Keeping reusable cups or bottles is going to do your office no good especially when the flu season comes. It is advisable that you ask the employees to ring a bottle that they can refill on the premise rather. The tap handle should be sanitized at frequent intervals too.

When it comes to coffee dispensers, there are going to be a few spillages in the area around. These damp areas are where bacterias colonize and increase in numbers. It is advisable that these areas are cleaned with white vinegar and water every now and then.

Shared mugs on the other hand might not be as clean as you think even after a wash with every single usage. As surprising as it might sound, this is because of the cleaning supplies that are kept on the untidy grounds of your shared common sink. It is better than the employees to use a cup of their own that is kept in their desk drawers. Else, you could keep your sink as close to clean and safe as possible at all times.

Eating packaged foods from vending machines doesn’t solve the problem either. It is known that one in five such machines are likely to spread disease-causing germs. These are not cleaned as much as your food-serving areas, but you should treat them the same way in your office cleaning.

How Can You Clean Them All To Perfection?

It is not going to be an easy task with your in-house janitorial team. They might stay all day at your premises, but are they efficiently taking care of them all is a real question. Some professionals offer office cleaning services that cover your janitorial needs. You don’t have to get yourself stuck in the never-ending loop of hiring, monitoring, and managing employees under you.

A simple contract could cover it all for you. A commercial cleaning company in Sydney like JBN Cleaning would be your ideal fit since we have been doing this for over 10 years now. We take increased accountability to keep your premises safe and hygienic at all times.

Are you worried if it is going to cost you much? Not really. Our packages are going to be even less than the operating cost involved in the maintenance of an in-house janitorial team. Talk to us to avail of a free quote today!

Let’s together wave goodbye to all these germs soon.

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