8 things that you don’t want to hear about cleaning

8 things that you don’t want to hear about cleaning

It’s not every day that you can buckle up, roll up your sleeves, and get into the cleaning action. And when you do, you’ll have to go all in or not at all. Because just one comment can make you go all frustrated after you’ve spent hours getting your hands dirty probably on a weekend off.

This right here is why we at JBN Cleaning recommend that you go for deep cleaning at least once in a quarter to comprehensively cover everything. Here are some of the thing you definitely don’t want to hear about cleaning:

1. You have missed a spot

This happens quite a lot. After you get around cleaning the whole of your premises thinking that you’ve done it as perfect as it can get, you definitely don’t want someone calling a particular corner out. It is both disheartening and surprising at the same time since you’ve actually zombied around for hours at a stretch inspecting it all. This right here is why you should map out a plan like how the cleaning companies in Sydney do. Start with a single place, one room at a time, and clean it in a repetitive sequence between the corners.

2. Your antibacterial solutions are not working

This is one of the common things that you might have not heard so far but better late than never. Are you one of the majority of people who quickly clear the surface soon after applying the antibacterial solutions? You’ve been doing your cleaning in Sydney wrong all along! Most anti-bacterial solutions take at least a minute or two to activate their chemical properties after being exposed to open surfaces. It is advisable that you leave your floor exposed to the solutions for at least three or four minutes before wiping them off.

3. Your kitchen is dirtier than your bathroom

Ouch, now was that uncomfortably hitting? Well, it should. Be it a commercial space or your residence, this holds true in both cases. There are bacteria and viruses lurking in every last corner of your kitchen and they require your due attention time and again. A cleaning company in Sydney would be your best bet when it comes to deep cleaning, disinfection, and overall sanitation, especially in these crucial times.

4. Five seconds rule is not a thing

We at JBN Cleaning get asked this a lot, ‘is five seconds rule a real thing?’ Your whole life has been a lie if you believe that. While the rule holds true for some strains, it is not a steadfast inscription in the cleanliness rulebook. The moment any food particle touches the surface, every micro-organism joins the ride thereon. Dropped a fry? Well, forget it if you don’t want to intake a million bacteria and viruses.

5. Your switchboards and doorknobs are a germ breeding hub

If you own a commercial establishment, there are high chances that your everyday cleaning routine overlooks the little things like switches, switchboards, doorknobs, or other high touch point places. Since there might be a lot of foot traffic with different people, these places carry sources of infections from all sides. It is therefore important that your cleaning schedule also takes these into consideration!

There are also other places like the back of your toilet seat, the flush handle, elevator buttons, the tap heads, the tabletops, your laptop keyboards, etc., that are prone to be other high touch-sensitive areas. Cleaning them at least once every two weeks is the interval that we would recommend.

6. Your trash chute smell is too much

Sydney, cleaning out your trash by clearing it up is not where your efforts end. If you don’t know this already, it’s your trash can and the chute that is much dirtier than the actual trash cover. With days or even months of accumulated dust and germ particles, they are one of the hot spots of infection. Especially with food waste in question, leaching might sometimes be left behind on the sides which might make it moisture-prone to also attract a lot more germs in the vicinity. Next time you clear your trash can, take a plain cloth and clean the side and the inside by spending just two extra minutes.

7. The carpet stain that you’ve tried to cover is still not clean

Covering something up and cleaning are two different things. Cleaning is not just about the surface impression but also revolves around maintaining standard hygiene. It is normal to spill a drop or two of your evening tea on the carpet. What is not normal is covering it up with some furniture or polishes. Any moist area automatically increases the disease-spreading capacity immediately. Ensure that you clean anything that you spill completely.

8. Bleach is more toxic than useful

Bleach might be lauded as a one-stop solution for a lot of surfaces but its continuous usage can be harmful to your respiratory system and your overall health in a lot of ways. There are a lot of eco-friendly alternatives that are available in the market which might seem a little more expensive than bleach itself, but it is safe for both you and the environment which is worth the extra penny.

While these are the top 7 things, there are a lot more of them that you might as well have to know about. A professional commercial cleaning company in Sydney can help you with all that you are looking for at ease. At JBN Cleaning, we can help you with comprehensive packages according to your requirements at affordable price ranges. Get in touch with us to know more!

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  • Complete green cleaning procedures that are safe for the environment and your premises
  • Get access to supplies that are globally approved on their effectiveness against particular cleaning goals
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