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Things to Remember While Doing Hospital Cleaning Services

Be it any medical center facility, hospital cleaning in Sydney is of vital importance. This is because it is common for Hospital Acquired Infections to spread easily in these vulnerable areas from one patient to another. Microorganisms, bacteria, and viruses can easily lurk at every last corner that you could imagine. And hence, hospital cleaning is not a surface affair anymore. It involves the careful coverage of all the places inside your premises followed by a sanitization and disinfection procedure.

Since it involves health considerations, it is always advisable to go for professional hospital cleaning services that can do it up to the mark for you.

Have You Been Paying for These While Doing Your Hospital Cleaning in Sydney?

1. Consultation rooms and their waiting areas

It is not just your in-patient rooms that need sanitization or disinfection procedures. All the places starting from your entrance areas must be taken care of to ensure comprehensive protection. Especially even the general consultation areas and the waiting rooms. Since this is the first touch-point for the incoming patients, there are chances that they are prone to different kinds of infections and cross-contamination.

The waiting areas should be one of the priorities when it comes to hospital cleaning services in Sydney. Disinfection and sanitization of these areas should be done without fail every three hours or even lesser depending on the foot traffic of these premises to ensure complete safety and hygiene. An in-house janitor might be able to spot stains on the floor and mop it up immediately but niche work that is of sensitive nature like covid cleaning or disinfection procedures might be too technical for them and they might fall short in expertise when you need it the most.

Take your safety, sanitation and hygiene to the next level.

2. Thorough disinfection procedures

There is a huge difference between cleaning and sanitization. Knowing these differences is crucial to affect the right routine at the right time and this can potentially take your hospital cleaning in Sydney a notch above. Disinfection refers to the procedure that is done to eliminate germs that are accumulated on the surface to cut down the infection chain from spreading from one person to other.

Sanitization on the other hand refers to the procedure by which the accumulation of diseases on the surfaces in areas that have high foot traffic. This ensures that the premises are safe for the next person that enters it without having to fear the contamination that the people who have been there previously might have given way to. Medical center cleaning is thus not just about mopping the floors constantly but goes way beyond that.

Hospital cleaning services in Sydney

3. Timely deep cleaning routines

A deep cleaning procedure that is done at the right time intervals can be a game-changer for your hospital cleaning, especially when it is done by authorized cleaning professionals in place.

A deep cleaning procedure involves the complete cleaning procedure that you’d ever need. Be it stain removal, terminal cleaning routines (operation theaters and other extremely sensitive areas of a hospital facility), disinfection procedures, and sanitization protocols, it would do all of that with twice or thrice the amount of safety concern. Medical center cleaning can be on point only when the premises are maintained as if they are new by repetitive deep cleaning procedures. Ideally, you’d need to go for such routines once every month or two depending on the nature of your premises, the size, the number of patient intakes and walk-ins, etc.

4. Authorized procedures and protocols

There are standard regulatory procedures and protocols that are listed by authoritative bodies like OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration and also CDC (Center for Disease Control). They especially have a lot of standard guidelines for sensitive requirements like hospital cleaning in Sydney which you should be religiously sticking to.

And here comes the crucial part. No matter what amount of stains you see on the corners or how infectious the premises become especially in times like these where you go for frequent covid cleaning services, never go for chemical-intensive supplies.

Green cleaning procedures are not just done for brand morals or to help the environment. But they are majorly being adopted by hospital cleaning services because of the benefits they offer for human health. Since the supplies used for procedures like these are organic in nature with zero chemical additions, processed artificial fragrances, or other substances that might trigger an allergic reaction, rashes, or irritation for the eyes or skin. Since we are dealing with patients here, we need to be extra careful as health professionals to not worsen the existing situation for them.

But choosing your supplies is not easy either. There are a lot of knock-off products that are available on the market. Always go for supplies that carry a DfE label and are present on the approved list of EPA. A hospital cleaning professional might choose these at ease for you.

5. A professional backup is all you need

If budget is the only thing that is stopping you from hiring companies that offer hospital cleaning, it’s time to rethink this from a different perspective altogether. Medical cleaning equipment and supplies can drain a whole lot of capital from your revenue. And it doesn’t end here. All this equipment gets upgraded every other day and you’d have to spend on their repair and replacement costs as well.

By hiring a commercial cleaning company that offers hospital cleaning, you can be relieved of all these. At JBN Cleaning, we even offer janitorial services along with weekly, biweekly, monthly, or daily cleaning frequencies as per your requirement. Be it keeping track of your cleaning due dates to helping your medical facility stand proud without any chance of contamination or infection spreading, we’ll help you with everything you’ll ever need.

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