Impact Of IoT On The Cleaning Industry

IoT in Cleaning industry

How’s IoT Making Cleaning Services Easier?

The Internet Of Things has been turning heads and garnering a lot of attention in the past few years and they have now also made a very evident entry into the cleaning industry. The future of commercial cleaning might be completely different from what we are right now doing. And some of the advanced players in the cleaning sector have already been escalating the productivity of the job done by multiple levels by employing the best of IoT devices, equipment, and what not?

IoT simply refers to a vast interconnected network of data transmission in everyday utility objects to make accessibility and other day-to-day functioning easier. Cleaning can be more effective, efficient, time-saving, and economical just by the simple adaptation to IoT.

But not every cleaning company is going to try their hand at this and this would be probably because the initial set-up capital costs might be a little too much for them to bear even if the ROI is going to be worth it.

Some Of The Noticeable Add-On Impacts That IoT Might Offer Cleaning Services

1. Never Failing Guest Experience

If you are a strata owner or someone who runs a busy premise like malls, shopping theatres, or huge restaurants, they are chances that you might run out of restroom utilities like toilet paper, hand wash or soap solution dispensers, and other essentials. With an integrated IoT cleaning system, you’d get prompt alerts every now and then before they run out so you can easily stock them up as and when necessary. This would especially be helpful when there’s a sudden influx of unexpected traffic especially over special occasions or over the course of the weekends.

2. Inventory Management

Covid cleaners who adapt to IoT can also easily keep track of their inventory and supplies without unexpectedly running out. There can be a program that is pre-devised and developed to pull up a list of supplies that a cleaner must take to the client’s premises as soon as you input all their requirements. This way you can reduce any manual errors of missing out on something crucial and it’d also make the process all the more transparent for the managers who overlook their respective cleaning teams.

Companies like JBN Cleaning have already been adapting to innovative tech like these to make it easier for their customers while also setting standards for the other budding cleaners to follow.

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3. Prompt Cleaning Reminders & Schedules

By integrating the restroom with IoT, you can easily track the number of people that are entering and leaving each stall that you have in place. You can use this for cleaning at prompt intervals. For example, you can look at authoritative guidelines from regulatory bodies like OSHA and CDC to understand the interval of cleaning. If it states that the restroom can be used by 20 different people per cleaning, then cleaning alerts will be sent to the respective personnel if a particular stall crosses this limit. In addition, the doors of this stall will also be auto-locked to prevent the next person from using them before the cleaning routine that is scheduled.

On a broader scale, little things like this can have tarnishing impacts on your overall sanitization and might even have negative impacts on your overall brand imaging. In addition, it could ruin the overall experience of your space for a person and you might end up losing clients or customers along the way.

Cleaning companies who have repeat customers can provide an add-on value for their clients by equipping different elements with IoT and showing up promptly to do the office cleaning. This can be something like the measurement of air quality or the total TDS level when it comes to their strata swimming pools.

4. Robots And Technology In Action

There are already a lot of businesses in Australia that are increasingly relying on robots for their cleaning services. The floor routines like mopping, brooming, and vacuuming can all be done with increased precision by employing high-end technologies. In addition to being accurate, they can also follow a pre-programmed pattern in place that is highly reliable and fool-proof from leaving out any missed spots along the way.

It can be extremely handy for the current situation where sanitization and disinfection have become the need of the hour. Advanced sprayers and highly innovative robots can be used for full-premise disinfection in a matter of minutes while also not leaving out any hidden corners in the process.

Impact of IoT in cleaning industry

5. Overall Reduction In Operational Cost

Although there might be an escalated maintenance cost that might need to recuperate when things stop working, IOT inevitably reduces the overall operation cost that is required for the cleaning services.

This is because you can reduce the overall manpower involved, be efficient with the usage of materials and supplies, prevent any mishaps and escalated costs involved in repairs and replacement, etc.

6. Best-Quality Results

If a business is hiring commercial cleaning services and choose them over an in-house janitorial team, they do it because of the trustworthy results that they are guaranteed. IoT can improve these by multiple times and it’d help you grow your reputation immensely over a short span.

By multiplying the productivity of your cleaning procedures, you can open up a lot of avenues in your routine. It’d help you sweep your clients off their feet as you see the results that IoT brings to the table.

If you looking to employ IoT in your everyday cleaning and want a little more direction to it, you can get in touch with our experts and clear all the queries that you might have. Ask us now, we don’t bite!

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