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What Are The Advantages of Timely Strata Cleaning?

Top advantages of timely strata cleaning

Strata Cleaning Services Can Save The Day For You!

Are you a business owner that has a common area that needs to be cleaned? Then this one is for you! Strata cleaning is one of the most utilized Australian cleaning concepts that is devised to make your life easier by helping you clean all the outside add-on areas of your building. This includes your entryways, gardens, swimming pools, corridors, terrace areas, common kitchens, canteen areas, and restroom spaces.

Some of the Noticeable Advantages of Strata Cleaning in Sydney are Done by Professionals:

1. The first impression that counts

If you are running a business on a premise with other simultaneously functioning businesses, it is not just important that you maintain a crisp interior. But the first impression that someone forms of you start from the moment they take their first step through your doorway. Cleaning your strata can make this happen for you since every last corner will be covered to its absolute best by professionals.

2. Saves time, energy, and budget

No two companies will be following the same procedures or protocols for cleaning. It is thus practically impossible to organize all the cleaning contractors of different areas to subdivide the common areas within a premise and make their cleaning happen. In addition, every cleaner would probably focus on only the corridor space that is in front of the respective businesses and it would result in confusion and compromises by missing out on a lot of areas.

Hiring a janitorial team to take care of just these missed out spots would only drain your operational budget and hence it would be a lot less hectic and extremely seamless when you hire professional strata cleaners to comprehensively take over the entirety of your shared spaces.

Maintain a clean strata areas with cleaning professionals

3. Quality like no other

With professional strata cleaning services in Sydney, you pay for the results and not the procedure in itself. Especially with an experienced player like JBN Cleaning on the field who has been doing this for the past decade, you can be extremely sure about the results that you achieve with your cleaning. They’d ensure that they exceed your expectations time and again since their business depends on it.

Be it surface-level cleaning, germ-free disinfection, or completely protective sanitizing routines, they’d take care of it all in a proper sequence. This will further ensure that you achieve complete hygiene and safety at all your corners by making it free from any contagious infection chain.

Advantages of timely strata cleaning

4. Standards you can trust

The foremost advantage of hiring a professional in place is the procedure and processes that they bring to the table which is highly contrasting from that of what your janitors might follow. For example, we always stick to the fullest of the protocols and guidelines that are devised by standard bodies like OSHA and CDC for the commercial cleaning services that we offer.

In addition, to ensure that maximum productivity and a healthier environment are the vibes that we leave your premises with, we stick to green cleaning procedures. As a company, this will be good for your CSR and reduce your impact on the environment. In addition, this will help you free your strata from the aftermath of cleaning. No more pungent smelling supplies, eye or throat irritation, triggers for asthmatic conditions, skin irritation, or reduced air quality that comes with chemically intensive supplies.

To be extremely sure that we don’t pick any knock-off products that are not good, we stick to hand-picking our organic supplies that are EPA approved or carry a DfE label with them.

5. Comprehensive coverage

All your light fixtures, high-touch points like your elevator buttons, staircase railings, switchboards, door handles, etc, doorways and entryways, guard cabins, motor rooms, generator rooms, swimming pools, gardens, etc will all be comprehensively taken care of when you hire strata cleaning services.

From basic mopping to timely deep cleaning routines where all your corners are cleaned up to the mark, a professional will take care of all the cleaning schedules for you. Some companies like us even provide recurring commercial cleaning on different frequencies including daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning services. When you avail of this and pick a convenient time slot, our janitors will head to your premises, do what they are designated for, and leave in silence without you having to constantly look over your shoulders for checking the progress.

Why Choose JBN Cleaning?

1. Tools, supplies, and everything you need

Don’t spend huge capital investments on cleaning supplies for your strata only to find that your janitors are not as well-versed in using them right. The update and upgrade costs can keep draining your budget for the years to come. When you hire us, we’ll take care of everything you need and supplies of all kinds that different nature of surface profiles that your premises have. In addition, we’ll take care of all the decluttering and reorganization works as well for you to be completely relieved of the entire strata cleaning process.

2. Insurance and cleaner profiles

Cleaning mishaps are bound to happen at the most unexpected of times. It might be as simple as a broken light or something even very big as your electricals/electronics going haywire. But be assured, we come with comprehensive third-party liability policies and workers’ compensation schemes so that you are not met with any difficulties even when things go wrong.

3. Experience and expertise

All our cleaners work with some of the premium brands in Australia. Our client retention rate stands at an unrivaled 85% which is because of the impeccable quality they offer time and again.

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Maintain a clean strata areas with cleaning professionals

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