What are the equipment used for cleaning?

What are the equipment used for cleaning?

What are the equipment used for cleaning?

Cleaning can be a tedious job with just too much equipment and processes involved. But once you have an overall idea of why and how different equipment is employed and utilized, it’ll pretty much be a piece of cake. Commercial cleaning companies are well-versed in understanding the mechanisms and appropriate usage of almost every technologically sound cleaning equipment. You can get there too and this blog might give you a head start.

1. Sweepers, Mop, Microfiber Cloth

These are the basic materials without which you can’t even begin your cleaning services. Microfiber cloths are the modern-day alternative for normal absorbent towels and they do a better job at cleaning things because of their intricate structures. They are specially used to buff the wetness of the cramped spaces once you finish cleaning them.

There are also varieties of mops and sweepers that are utilized for different purposes and you should be aware of most of them. So let’s go a little more further on the equipment that is not very usual.

2. Scrubbers

Scrubbers are basically utilized to take care of hard stains on floor surfaces. Grease can be one of the examples. Their accumulation in an industrial space can be so hard to clean and scrubber can come in handy for it. They come with different design variations that you can choose from depending upon our region in question.

3. Polisher

A polisher is basically used to revamp a dirty floor to have a crisp and shiny outlook. There is a branch of it called sit-on polishers which are way better than the handheld polishers when it comes to using them in large spaces like hospitals, museums, or educational institutions.

4. Commercial vacuum cleaners

These can affect your pristine cleaning routines. They are way more powerful and can cover larger spaces better than household vacuum cleaners. With the latest technologies in place, cleaning companies like JBN Cleaning also utilizes something called wet vacuum cleaners which do not just suck dust particles but also any water that is present on the surfaces.

There’s also an amalgamated vacuum cleaner that can affect both dry and wet modes upon merely changing the given options.

5. Squeegees

Just like microfiber cloth, squeegee proves to be useful in removing a lot of surface dust particles like hair, lint, dirt, moisture, and other debris.

6. Carpet cleaning equipment

Carpet cleaning is one of the most tedious jobs which can be better done by a professional cleaning company like JBN Cleaning. Because even the slightest damage that happens during cleaning can potentially lead to the carpet not looking its best and can deteriorate the fiber structure completely. Replacement of the carpet is extremely costly and trust us, you don’t want to get yourself in the mess.

Rotary floor machines, wet extractors, hot water extractors, solvent extractor equipment are all some of the tools that are usually used by cleaning services for carpet cleaning.

7. Steam Vapour Machine

A steam vapor machine can be used for deep cleaning and sanitization simultaneously. Since it produces high temperatures, it instantly kills bacteria and other infectious germs. It is ideally useful for cleaning services that involve hard floors, tiles, and bathrooms.

8. Abrasives

They are made of grit papers to be rough-edged and are generally used for the cleaning of wooden or metal surfaces.

9. Sprayers

Ever since the pandemic started, zero-contact cleaning is something that is widely adopted by cleaners in Sydney. Sprayers are one of the adaptations that are used. They are used for sanitizing the commercial premises after the cleaning routine is done. This will help eliminate human contact and prevent cross-contaminations from happening.

Wait, it doesn’t end here.

There are a lot of products that you should have first-hand knowledge about before you start doing your cleaning routines.

Here is a basic list of supplies that are a must-have

  •  Stain or spot removers
  •  Dish wash soap
  •  Feather dusters can be used for narrow surfaces like the window frames
  •  Disinfecting wipes and sanitizers
  •  Glass and window cleaner
  •  Personal Protective Equipment like gloves and masks
  •  Trash liners
  •  Kitchen cleaners
  • Toilet cleaning solution
  •  Vinegar
  • Wooden polish
  •  Sponges & paper towels
  •  Hand wash and sanitizing wipes for the cleaners to use before and after

Each of these supplies might vary vastly from one another. Theoretically knowing their components are not going to prove effective when you get practical on the field. They might create a toxic surrounding if you don’t utilize them in correct proportions or in the right manner.

Going organic

Be it any supply or equipment that you use while cleaning, you’ll have to ideally reduce their emission and prevent our world from being impacted. Most cleaning companies have adapted and made a conscious decision to only go for organic supplies that are chemically non-intensive.

For example, even at JBN Cleaning we only go for organic, 100% biodegradable products. They will also retain the healthy attribute of your environment since it reduces the possibilities of allergies, rashes, etc.,

Why a professional cleaning company can do it better?

A professional would be backed by years of experience and would take increased accountability in everything they do for you. Even in cases of any unexpected damages, they’ll take it under their insurance and replace it immediately for you.

At JBN Cleaning, we guarantee you 100% satisfaction. We have expert professionals on board who have seen all that there is to cleaning through their years of service. We are now providing a free quote for all commercial cleaning requirements. Book an appointment at your convenience and the cleaners we send your way will give you a free on-site quote after the complete assessment of your requirements. Call us now at 0291885449!

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Explore more about JBN Cleaning

JBN Cleaning has been catering to all walks of cleaning for over a decade now. They employ this comprehensive experience to offer all their clients the best quality deliverables that exceed expectations. Be it your office cleaning, warehouse cleaning, industries, factories, educational institutions, or hospital cleaning. We’ll take care of all of it for you.

With advanced equipment, they’ll offer niche cleaning of any intensity without much back and forth. They do this all within the promised timeframes that you mutually fixate on during our first set of sales discussions. Our quotations are all customized to suit your exact requirements, so you only pay for what you opt for with us.

Even if you have any restoration works like garden maintenance or swimming pool re-dos, we’ll do it as per your requirement. All our cleaners carry a comprehensive experience that covers almost all the sectors there are. We can thus offer you even specific deep cleaning and disinfection services that can help you decontaminate your space and give it a fresh makeover.

We are recognized as the best commercial cleaning company in Sydney for the unmatchable work that we offer our clientele. We have worked with some of the best-known brands in Australia, and our client retention rate has stood at an unmatchable 85% for over ten years now. 100% satisfaction of clients is what we aspire to achieve time and again.

As a part of your package, we will:

  • Cover the corner to corner of your premises and do all the basic cleaning, sweeping, and mopping procedures
  • Send the right amount of resources that would be enough to cover the entire procedure as quickly as possible
  • Offer after-hours cleaning services or recurring cleaning packages like daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly routines
  • Provide you comprehensive workers’ compensation schemes and insurance benefits to take care of any repairs or repercussions
  • Complete green cleaning procedures that are safe for the environment and your premises
  • Get access to supplies that are globally approved on their effectiveness against particular cleaning goals
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We have a history of 10+ years that has been backing us up so far with a seamless reputation for our spotless cleaning services. Be it the commercial segment or residential requirements, people have been choosing us for the dedication that we ever so offer.

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