Workplace Disinfection Tips For Covid-19

Workplace Disinfection

Have you devised a proper procedure for your workplace disinfection?

Employees of any business are going to spend most of their time in an office setting. It is thus necessary that you furnish them with the best surrounding to work with. This does not just improve your productivity levels but also thereby reduces the number of sick leaves. Achieving all of this is just a workplace disinfection routine away. But you need to go about it with a properly planned strategy and a checklist to make the effort worth it.

When professionals go about the procedure, they approach it with added caution since they understand the sensitivity of the routine. If you’re relying on in-house resources, it is your responsibility as a business owner to allocate proper time and resources for training them about these procedures. A few tips from the insiders of the office cleaning might also equip to be handy to resolve any niche needs that you come across.

Workplace disinfection tips that can level up your cleaning procedure

1. Getting the right supplies & equipment

This is where most companies and even cleaners struggle to find their ground. If you settle for cheap vacuum cleaners or outdated supplies, you’d only be ruining your chances of meeting your cleaning vision. But companies tend to fall into this loop because of the huge capital investments that they come with. You also need to be spending a lot of operational expenses on the upgrades and maintenance of this equipment.

There are also a lot of supplies that are mere knock-offs which you should stay away from. They only waste your investment while also potentially tarnishing the entire outlook of your cleaning. Always go for supplies that are authenticated by standard bodies like carrying an EPA approval or a DfE label. This will ensure that they’re green in nature and also reliable for your procedures.

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2. The before and after care of disinfection procedure

There are three steps to cleaning that you can’t miss or skip. They all need to be consequently done in order to arrive at the best outcomes.

The first step would be to perform a surface-level clean-up to remove any dust, dirt or grime accumulations from the surfaces. There should also be a gentle mopping procedure to remove any tough stains that are hardened on the surface. Only after these preliminary procedures, you’d have to step into your disinfection services or specific requirements like covid cleaning.

Your cleaning doesn’t end here. There’s still a sanitisation procedure that you need to go about. Sanitisation results in adding a protective layer on top of the freshly cleaned surfaces. This will make the entire space safe for the next person to use.

workplace disinfection tips

3. Doing your routine the green way

Green cleaning is the best way to ensure the safety of the environment and not harm your surroundings with chemically intensive supplies. The air quality of the premises will also drastically increase if you go with organic supplies. But this is not as easy as it sounds because the effectiveness of your routine depends on the cleaning products that you pick. They need to be harmless while also not compromising on the results that they bring your way.

Green cleaning will also reduce the complications that chemical cleaning has on human health like allergies, skin rashes, eye irritation, throat problems, or triggers to asthmatic conditions.

4. Adhering to authoritative protocols

The effectiveness of your covid cleaning services depends on how well you stick to standard procedures. Always advise your cleaners to keep an eye out for the authoritative guidelines that are devised by regulatory bodies like OSHA, CDC and SWA.

All these will help you follow routines that are absolutely effective to offer complete termination of germs from the surfaces. JBN Cleaning has been operational in the sector for over ten years now and we understand the nitty-gritty of any niche procedure there is. We’ll thus offer solutions that surpass your expectations.

workplace disinfection tips for covid-195. Preventing cross-contamination

When you go for a workplace disinfection procedure, you should also be cautious to prevent contamination from the sources of cleaning. This can only happen when your cleaning equipment is sanitised after every cleaning procedure. This will prevent the cleaning residues from one place to reach the other while cleaning.

The cleaners that you have onboard should be wearing proper PPE including gloves and masks as necessary. It is also necessary that you have a checklist handy that covers even the minuscule elements like these so as to not miss them while doing your procedure.

6. Handing it over to professionals when need be

Hiring in-house cleaners might look like a viable option for you with regard to your budget considerations. But on the flip side, they require huge capital investments since you’re responsible for equipping them with the best resources for doing a neat job for you.

When you hire professionals, especially for any recurring requirements, they will take care of the end-to-end of your covid cleaning in Sydney themselves. Companies like JBN Cleaning also offer dedicated account managers to keep you in the loop every step of the way.

As an added benefit, we also offer comprehensive insurance coverage with third-party liability and workers’ compensation schemes. This will hold us accountable completely for everything we make happen for you. Even in the case of any unexpected damages, we’ll spring into action to offer the best solutions for you.

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