4 Mistakes While Using A Wet Floor Signage

4 Mistakes While Using A Wet Floor Signage

Considerations For Effective Wet Floor Signs

Wet floor signs are vital and they’re overlooked or liberally used sometimes. Imagine commercial floor cleaning services to get your industry the perfect first impression to a new potential client and they fall face first just because you forgot to use the ‘floor is wet’ sign. Not a pleasant scenario, right?

Wait, did that not shake you up? Consider this. Slip and fall accidents on the working premises are some of the top reasons for legal workers’ compensation claims.  You don’t want to get your hands full on dealing with issues that you can avert with just a little mindful consideration.

Avoiding accidents and injuries is something you just can’t overlook. At the same time, a bad misplaced sign is just equal to that of the floor with no sign at all. So, here’s a compilation of the heads-up protocols that you should consider if you want to use a wet floor sign that’s placed right.

4 Mistakes of Using Wet Floor Sign

Using wet floor signs is crucial to alert people about potential slip hazards and ensure their safety. However, there are common mistakes that people make when using wet floor signs. Here are four mistakes to avoid:

1. Going For The Wrong Colors

Wet floor signage is not a formality but a cautious warning. Go for colours that increase visibility and ensure that the text on top of it looks legible and clear enough. Ensure that the board’s purpose is not carried away by attractive design elements or goes lost through its dull appearance.

Using standard colors issued by ANSI (American National Standards Institute) would help you in this regard. Use red colour indications to mention an emergency or the stop sign. The yellow framework of the wet board will indicate a caution scene. Any other additional safety information can be mentioned in blue.

Going for other colors is not advisable as people are fairly familiar with these standards that they see on the signboards.

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2. Keeping The Sign In The Wrong Places

The sign that you place as a caution remark for a wet floor must be visible from all directions. They should also be noticeable to a person from a little far. Take into consideration the physical characteristics of the space in question and make sure you don’t place it too close to places that are not static like a stairway, near the elevators or escalators.

And most importantly, keep all the unused signs out of sight and yet accessible easily when need be.

3. Using The Wrong Type Of Sign

There’s a pattern to wet floor signs that probably no one told you about and there’s a chance that you have been doing it wrong all the while.

The signage is not just restricted to a triangular cone structure. There are barricades to be installed in places of higher hazard possibilities. Soft signage and collapsible signage boards come with a storage tube that can be used for any location easily but then again they are short and light to be portable and hence are not suitable for bigger circumferences. Durable plastic signs on the other hand are tall, stable, and cannot be overlooked. But they are difficult when it comes to storing them. There are also signs that come with a battery-operated fan to help with floor drying.

Having all of these ready in place to use for appropriate situations can be tedious if you’re a scaling SME. This right here is why outsourcing your cleaning requirement with the best commercial cleaning company in Sydney might be of the best interest to you.

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4. Too Many Boards? Too Much Worry?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with going the extra mile when it comes to cleaning safety. No amount of boards is too much if you cover the whole wet area and keep your employees safe.

Making safety a priority is not something you can take for granted. It’s okay to put in a little more effort and just an ounce more thought into whatever you do. The results are gonna save you when you least expect them. Make safety in the workplace your norm, your watchword, and your end goal. It’s okay to have a word or two with the janitor every time he forgets the sign. It’s okay to redefine your cleaning strategies or timings in the most crowded area of your premises.

To get yourself out of all these small yet significant worries, you can opt-in for outsourcing commercial cleaning service to JBN Cleaning, the best cleaning in Sydney that has been in the space for almost 10 years now.

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