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Things to Know when hiring a COVID Spray Cleaning Service Provider

The COVID-19 pandemic turned the world upside down, caused millions of deaths worldwide, and led to a global recession. Although the situation is improving and things have started to go back to normal, COVID safety protocols are still in place. Businesses and commercial spaces, in particular, need to adhere to the rules related to cleanliness to create the healthiest environment. COVID spray cleaning is one of the most effective ways of cleaning and disinfecting areas that see a lot of traffic.

If you are planning to hire a professional COVID cleaning service for spray cleaning commercial or residential spaces, you must know a few things first.

COVID Spray Cleaning – Why Should You Know About It?

The goal of COVID spray cleaning is to clean and disinfect all surfaces that have probable or confirmed COVID-19 contamination.

However, many people are still unaware of what it entails or how it is actually done. That is why we often see store owners or employees haphazardly spraying shopping carts or checkout terminals. With disinfectant and wiping them immediately, not giving the disinfectant the necessary dwell time.

The same goes for office cleaning. With offices reopening throughout the world, many people are doubtful about whether their cubicles, desks, washrooms, and cafeterias are being properly cleaned and disinfected. Such thoughts not only bring down morale but also reduce productivity.

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to keep up with COVID safety protocols. That means you should have a firm grasp of what COVID spray cleaning services offer and how they work.

Take your safety, sanitation and hygiene to the next level.

COVID Cleaning and Disinfecting – A Few Essential Tips

Routine cleaning with detergent/soap and water can remove up to 90% of all kinds of dirt and debris. However, it is not enough to clean surfaces that have had probable or definite exposure to COVID-19 contaminants. For these surfaces and areas, you need to follow strict Covid cleaning guidelines recommended by public health agencies and experts. Here are a few tips you need to keep in mind.

Clean before disinfecting

Simply spraying disinfectant everywhere won’t get the job done. The first thing you need to do is wipe surfaces clean. It is necessary because dirt can act as a shield against COVID-19 contaminants and other pathogens and protect them from disinfectants.

The SARS-CoV-2 virus is known to be stubborn, and it can effectively hide in porous surfaces and those with cracks and crevices. It is especially important to scrub those hard-to-reach places clean before applying disinfectant.

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Go easy on the disinfectant

Disinfectants are made of chemicals, and using them excessively can be detrimental to the health and safety of humans and pets. Chemical disinfectants can also be harmful to the environment. That is why disinfection services use caution when using chemical sprays, and they rarely use them for outdoor spaces and seldom-used areas.

A reputed COVID cleaning company should also know that repeatedly spraying disinfectant on unclean surfaces can cause chemicals to build up. Such chemical build-up creates a biofilm that protects and attracts pathogens such as the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Disinfect responsibly

Reputed COVID cleaning services in Sydney know the importance of disinfecting responsibly. They only use the safest disinfectant available in the market, and they always wipe surfaces clean before spraying disinfectant.

When it comes to COVID spray cleaning, cleaning companies use disinfectants. Recommended by public health agencies and other government bodies and experts. Now that the supply chain has more or less gone back to normal. Cleaning companies have access to these recommended disinfectants and other cleaning supplies.

In situations where disinfectants are unavailable, you can use a bleach solution with 5% to 9% sodium hypochlorite. Make sure you don’t use any other concentration or type of bleach. After spraying the disinfectant and giving it a proper dwell time. You can wipe or rinse the surface clean as recommended.

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A few important notes on COVID spray cleaning

The first thing you need to remember is that a single disinfectant may not kill all pathogens. For COVID spray cleaning to be effective, you must use a disinfectant that is designed to kill the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Therefore, it is essential that you read the label before buying a product.

Secondly, no matter which disinfectant you use, make sure you give it the necessary dwell time before rinsing it or wiping it clean off the surface. For most products, the dwell time is around 3 to 10 minutes.

Different disinfectants have different methods of application. Furthermore, the dispersion method can alter the composition of certain disinfecting chemicals (for instance, electrostatic spraying vs. fogging).

Make sure to read the product label or ask experts about how certain disinfectants should be used for them to be effective.

Check out JBN Cleaning for high-quality COVID Spray Cleaning Services

If you are looking for a commercial cleaning company that offers COVID spray cleaning in Sydney, you should check out JBN Cleaning. Being one the most reputed and long-established cleaning service providers in the city. We have the manpower and expertise to offer you the best COVID spray cleaning.

Unlike most cleaning companies that simply spray on some disinfectant and call it a day, we take a more thorough approach to COVID cleaning in Sydney. We clean and disinfect the entire premise with proper supplies and equipment, and we always adhere to protocol. Our cleaning methods are largely guided by standard government bodies such as OSHA and CDC. Your safety and well-being are our priority, and that is reflected in our high standard of service.

The best part about JBN Cleaning is that we offer COVID cleaning services at the most affordable rates. We know and acknowledge the importance of corona cleaning, and want to make it more accessible to people and businesses of all financial strengths.

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