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Strata Building Cleaning Services In Sydney

Strata building cleaning

Do You Know About Strata Building Cleaning?

Now this one refers to the cleaning module that covers the shared common spaces in a building where multiple businesses operate simultaneously. Strata building cleaning is an Australian concept that took its origin right here with a spark that hiring a strata cleaner to clean the common areas might be a lot more productive to make the entire space look pristine.

Let’s consider shopping malls for example. There are going to be a lot of corridors, escalators, elevators, parking lots, and even garden areas that need due cleaning. Splitting these areas among the businesses or retail shop owners is going to get the procedure nowhere and you as a space owner need to intervene here to keep up the look and feel of the entire area.

What Can You Expect From Strata Building Cleaning Services?

When you hire a strata building cleaner to take care of your strata space, they’ll cover the end-to-end of your premises without any exceptions. Their scope of work starts right from the doorway. It is an easy way out to hire an in-house janitor. But not the best.

There is a whole lot of nitty-gritty that goes behind the scenes as you opt for shared space cleaning. It is not just about making the space look dust or dirt-free but rather about maintaining the space in such a way that there are absolutely no stains or germs that are lurking underneath.

Typically, these are some of the procedures that will be covered under strata cleaning in Sydney include:

    • General dirt or grime removal by surface-level dusting, grooming, and vacuuming

    • Ceilings, floors, and walls cleaning

    • Disinfection of high-touch points to ensure the complete termination of germs

    • Comprehensive sanitization to add a protective layer to that of the freshly cleaned surfaces

    • Maintaining proper time intervals between cleaning different areas

    • Complete organization and reorganization

    • Garden restoration

    • Swimming pool maintenance

    In addition to this, they’ll also take care of any general electrical maintenance and also clean your light fixtures and other things as necessary. The scope of work then again depends on the kind of package that you’re going with as well.

    Hire the most diligent strata cleaning company in Sydney!

    How To Choose Strata Building Cleaning Services In Sydney?

    Shortlist a few players among your options and do this on the basis of referrals, reputation, and overall experience in the field. Hiring a commercial cleaning company will do strata building cleaning services for you. Then select the perfect choice for you based on the following agenda:

    1. Experience And Expertise

    Cleaning is in itself a hard job. And when it comes to strata spaces there are a whole lot of complexities involved. The cleaner you hire should be well-versed in understanding the diverse requirements of different spaces and go about their procedures accordingly.

    At JBN Cleaning, we have been doing this for over ten years now and we understand how to go about your different niches of requirements to the mark. Each of the cleaners that we send your way comes from diverse backgrounds and they’ll put in their best efforts to just get you what you’re looking for.

    Strata building cleaning services Sydney

    2. Procedures Followed

    Recent times have completely altered our perception of cleaning to a great extent. Almost every one of us is looking to adhere to international standards when it comes to sensitive elements like cleaning. There are a lot of guidelines and regulations that are given out each passing day by one global body or the other. The cleaner you hire for strata cleaning should keep an eye out for these protocols as well.

    We always go with standard procedures that are in line with the authoritative protocols and information given out by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), CDC (Center for Disease Control & Prevention), EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), SWA (Safe Work Australia) and DfE (Design for the Environment). We take our promises seriously and pledge our commitment to this cause).

    3. Strategies That They Are Well-Versed At

    No two spaces are the same and they cannot be dealt with the same way. Anyone doing your cleaning services for you should know all about every single corner that you might have. This will enable them to present you with the best picture at all times.

    And cleaning mishaps are not so uncommon. They are mostly bound to happen only when the strategies they go for are not up to the mark. You can simply rewrite this by paying just a little more attention to the person you are willing to hire. Ask for an action plan prior and take note of the checklist of procedures that they offer you.

    4. Customized Packages

    A one-size-fit policy is really not going to work so well for you. It is also going to drain you of the operational cost that you’ve set aside for your business. Only when your cleaners charge you exactly for the requirements that you have in mind, you’d land a good deal.

    Only when a company is ready to customize your commercial cleaning packages for strata building cleaning services in Sydney can you be at peace that they will meet your cleaning vision?

    5. Eco-Friendly Cleaning

    Strata spaces are going to give you the first impression of your working environment before a potential prospect walks in through your doors. It is thus necessary that you maintain a crisp vibrance right from your gate. Using green cleaning products will make your office environment feel healthy.

    Let go of all these worries and hire us today for your strata building cleaning. Our free inspection is just a call away!

    Hire the most diligent strata cleaning company in Sydney!

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